Sunday, May 27, 2007

Reggie, the sweet puppy boy!

Reggie's mom reports: We are enthralled with Reggie. Rose is making great strides and Reggie seems happy.

Reggie has no problem with the car but he shys away from the leash when he sees us coming. He loves walks and the dogs park where he is submissive. But hates to be touched around the collar and hates the sight of the leash. Any insight there. Thanks Jeri. I called the Shelter where he and his sisters were and they identified him as the most submissive of the three pups at the time they were there. The man I spoke with couldn't swear to it but felt there may have been some abuse in the home they came from. How old were they when they were taken from the shelter do you know? Reggie is one of the silliest dogs I've ever seen. He doesn't seem to have a bone in his body at times.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Reggie's day at Seneca Hunt Club

Daddy Mike took Reggie to the bird scenting test and photo shoot at the Seneca Hunt Club.
Reggie wasn't quite sure what was happening all around him and stuck close to daddy...
...but we are sure this puppy boy was enjoying himself and every outing will help him to become more comfortable to step out into the world.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update from Reggie's New Mom

He is such a love. We are so happy with him and he with us. At least I think that's what it means when he uses me as a human chew toy.

Rose is beginning to play with stuffed toys. She's never done that. She sees Reggie do it and she's copying his behavior. Reggie is very rough with her so I'm intervening in their play a great deal. He doesn't distinguish my hair from a stuffed animal. What does that say about the condition of my hair. I'm working on pictures. Fondly Jeri.

Day One with my Captors...

Reggie writes...
I don't know how it happened but Wills made a successful escape yesterday. God speed Wills! AAHH Indy everybody there runs in and above the big snow drifts. Here the dogs are so small they use paddles to dig smooth spots so something called Jack Russell and a floppy eared wart covered thing called Fegen (a cocker spaniel??? What the hey is that?) don't get lost in the drifts.
Then there's this phantom. I think it's some kind of goddess the pagans worship because they chant it's name all day long but I've never seen it. "Rose". I got a quick view of some white wispy thing moving quickly when Wills was here but haven't seen it sense. I hear strange noises emanating from under the bed. I think it's an evil spirit because it makes thunderous guttural noises at night. It may be seeking a blood sacrifice.

The pagans that worship this "Rose" are ok they've fed me, showered me with stuffed toys, surrounded me with chew toys. But I think they are just trying to fatten me up for the ritual. I heard the female on the phone today talking to someone about taking me to be neutered. I'm not sure but I think that's preparation for the ritual sacrifice to "Rose"

Well the female keeps pointing a spirit catcher at me. I run up to it and lick it attempting to get my spirit back. I've knocked her into the snow plenty of times but she's got a pretty good grip on the spirit catcher. She tried to use it indoors and got a few shots but my strength is holding up. Good luck Wills. I miss you buddy. I'm behaving in an exemplary manner here hoping these people will like me enough to spare me from the sacrifice to ROSE. Reggie

Monday, February 19, 2007

Reggie went to his forever home!

Reggie has been adopted by a great family to be a new friend for their setter girl Rose who lost her brother Linus at the end of last year. She was in desperate need of a buddy to give her confidence and seems to have found one in Reggie. Reggie has also found a friend in his new daddy Mike, whom he faithfully followed around all the first evening.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Boys have to grow up

Reggie was surprised when foster mommy took sister Ruthie and went for a drive, and foster mommy came back without her.
Ruthie went to her forever home. Reggie looked all over the house for her...Foster mommy MUST have brought her back...where IS she?
Reggie looked a little bit mopey during the afternoon, but he also noticed that he's getting more cuddles and lap time now. He's got Wills Jr. and Ginger as play buddies and even got to sleep in foster mommy and daddy's bed. He was such a good boy and not a wiggle worm. He only turned over to show is belly a few times, to get some rubs.

Reggie, the little handy man?

Not quite---when Reggie found the screwdriver, he did for a moment think about helping foster daddy put that cabinet together, but then thought better of it. Hey, this makes for a good chew toy.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Reggie is looking for a home of his very own!!

Doesn't your heart melt by taking one look at this boy???

A pleasant house guest!

Reggie is a very good house guest. He's not too hyper inside and many times will quietly lie down and play with a stuffy or his favorite rawhide toy and keep busy.
Reggie has the teddy bear kind of personality. Sweet, warm, and cuddly---and not a forward boy. He very nicely takes his queue from you, but you can tell he just loves to be by your side and get his belly rubbed.

Group Games

Reggie loves to wrestle with anybody that is a willing "partner in crime". Here he's having a fun game with sister Ruthie and Ginger and Sashi.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ruthie and Reggie are very close right now. They like to cuddle up together when they sleep, they love to wrestle and lay down and chew on the same rawhide. Usually it's recommended that littermates are not kept together--however, in this case I think it would work out if they would go to the same family. Both pups have been extremely nice with one another and I've not seen squabbles and aggression among them. However, they will also do fine if adopted separately. They will probably develop their individual personality more this way, as Ruthie will likely become more outgoing and Reggie---who is such a gentleman that he takes second place in getting cuddles from his humans, would likely get more attention. Both pups definitely have a sweet disposition.

Reggie Loves the Outdoors

Of the two puppies, Reggie is definitely the fan of outdoors. Reggie enjoys exploring the yard, wrestling with Ruthie or IBR foster brother Wills Jr. in the snow, or prancing around with a rawhide or a stuffy in his mouth. After some outdoor time, he slips through the doggie door inside for some timeout, rest and relaxation.

Reggie is a sweet puppy boy!

Reginald was born 9/28/06 and was surrendered with his sister Ruthann to a shelter in Kansas. Reginald is likely a Llewellin setter, currently weighs 30 lbs and will grow into a tall, stately setter boy. He’s all legs right now. Reggie is very sweet, playful and loving. He’s a bit more laid back than his sister inside, as he calms down easily after playtime and quietly chews on a rawhide bone. He’s very playful and enjoys stuffed toys, squeaky balls and tug-of-war games with his sister.
He loves to snuggle with foster mommy and daddy and buries his head in your lap to see if you’ve got time for some pets. He usually waits for you to invite him onto the couch, before jumping up. He’s also happy to sit in front of you for cuddles and slide down by your feet for a nap or to get his belly rubbed. Reginald is a very handsome boy with liquid gold-brown eyes. Pictures just don’t do him justice.

He loves a lot of outside time, romps happily through the yard, wrestles with sister Ruthie and other IBR foster boy Wills Jr and goes happily on yard patrol. He’s a little bolder than his sister when approaching strangers and readily helps announce their arrival, then runs up to greet them with a wagging tail and some puppy kisses. Reggie is a very smart boy and figured out the doggie door after half a day. He should be easily to housebreak, as he’s shown us that he loves to go potty outside. We do make sure to get him outside right when waking, after a meal, after vigorous play and usually every 45 minutes when we’re home, and he’s only had a couple of accidents inside. Great for a 4-month old pup!!

Reggie is easily lured into the crate with a treat and has been keeping his crate clean when we’re gone from home.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reggie has arrived in foster care!

Reggie, a strutting 4 month old Llewellin puppy boy has arrived in foster care in Indiana, with his sister Ruthie after a long trip from Kansas and loads of dedicated volunteers driving both puppies across the country on two days.